Lungi Izaar Dhoti Tehmat Longyi Macawis Muslim men cotton Wrap Scarf Shawl Shieno


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Size: 6/5 arm length.
Colour: Multi colour, It may not possible to provide specific colour & design product due to some are come only single product.
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This is premium quality, different colour, soft, comfortable, Beautiful Cotton Sarong or Lungi is a cotton wear wrap worn by men. Good for summer.
 Rasulullah (S.W.) used to wear lungi.
Lungi is garment made of a single piece of fabric sewn together. It is commonly worn as a lower body garment by men in much of the world, especially in tropical climates. It is also known as sarong, malong and lavalava. Loungi is the word commonly used in Myanmar where men still wear this daily. Comfortable and airy it can be adjusted to one’s preferred style or to fit the environmental and working conditions one finds oneself in. It is great for the beach, hiking or lounging at home. Besides its primary function, the lungi has countless other uses, and can be utilized in some way in any situation. Indian people have always relished dressing up in traditional attire. As lungies, sarong, mundu and it comes with different names in different countries. Lungies have spread widely across many nations and many cultures all along the sub-continents being integral part of the rich cultural diversity of India, despite being the advent of modern outfits. The different functions of the lungi are endless. It can be used as a blanket, ground cover, a side sling bag, a sack, a shawl or to hide from the sun. One of the handiest functions of the lungi is as an instant change room. Take your lungi with you everywhere you go and discover its versatility. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.
Stitched and ready to wear.
Size: Width 6/5 arm length and Hight 1 meter (Aprox)
Colour: Multi colour, It may not possible to provide specific colour & design product due to some are come only single product.
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