Reduced: 5 X Traveling Prayer pocket Mat Rug Zainamaz Muslim Musallah


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Beautifully made thin prayer mats in a Blue, Black, Green, Red, Dark Green colour, light weight suitable for travelling, come with a small bag to easily carry in pocket/ bag to pray in outdoor or office or the Mosque/ Masjid in this pandemic time. 

Plenty in our stoke please call us today for a great deal when you buy in bulk.


this is very good looking and the best quality in the leading industry of prayer mat productions.

The polyester Prayer Mat is one of the thickest, best quality carpets in our ‘thin’ prayer mat collection. This Muslim Prayer Mats are different nice colour combination, Unique, luxury braided tassels;

Size: Approx. 60 x 100 cm 

Package: 5 pieces Mat come with single pole bag  

Please Note: Due to product design change for every box, So there is no guarantee if you choose any design it will be available. Sorry for inconvenience.  


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