SunnahWay Organic Raw Honey



  • 100% Organic
  • Raw Honey
  • Cold Extracted
  • No chemical additives
  • No preservatives
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Australian Honey Raw 100% Pure Organic SunnahWay Unprocessed Cold Extracted



Our Organic Honey contains nothing but the full flavor of organic honey. Sold in its purest form which is unheated, unrefined & not heavily filtered so it retains all the health benefits honey is known for. To make sure the nutrients of the honey are passed on to you we do not heat our honey above 45 degrees centigrade. Use our honey in your cooking or as a delicious spread

SunnahWay Honey is based in NSW and is proudly Australian owned & operated. We specialize in 100% raw unprocessed honey.

Our honey is sold in its purest form (just as Mother Nature intended) which is unrefined, unheated and not heavily strained meaning it can retain pollen and other pure elements naturally found in organic honey. Due to this process, SunnahWay Honey is full of the health benefits honey is known for as it preserves all the natural nutrients, enzymes and powerful antioxidants that raw honey contains.

You may find that most supermarket brands will heat treat their honey, so it stays a runny consistency most of its shelf life – however doing this can destroy the elements that make raw honey so beneficial to us. As our honey is unprocessed and NOT heat treated, it will crystallize over time (especially during colder months). This is a natural and normal process honey goes through. To liquefy it again simply put the bottle in some warm water or direct sunlight.

Honey can vary greatly in color, flavor, and consistency depending on the kind of blossoms from which the bees have gathered their nectar. Therefore, our honey is multi-flora and subject to the seasonal variances in the broad range of flora found in the deep forest of NSW.  SunnahWay Honey is free from any chemical additives and preservatives.

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